Conversion Rate Optimisation


The adoption of technology over the pandemic has meant that a smooth customer journey is expected not only online but across all touch points of your customer journey.

Conversion Rate Optimisation is not just about getting people to buy your product but the improvement of user journey flows and enhancement of small metrics by running tests statistically prove that change has improved customer experience. Whether that’s reducing friction in your checkout process, helping them find the question before they pick up the phone or increasing loyalty by personalising the content for your customer on web, in app and in store to make them feel like their your number one priority.

Tools used

How it works

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Understand your problem

Although all websites are similar your key areas to improve will be based on your technology, industry and customer behaviours. We will discuss with you to understand your areas for improvement.


Define Strategy & Process

After deep diving into your customer behaviour we will define key areas for improvement, the process and how to manage key stakeholders


Create roadmap of tests

We will agree with you a roadmap of tests to tackle key areas of your website along with KPIs and timelines for testing.


Build Tests

Once the roadmap is agreed we will build out the tests in whichever platform you own (or Google Optimize if none).


Report on numbers

Monitor the performance of tests regularly reporting key findings and recommendations for iterations or roll outs.

The Perfect Fit

Depending on the set up of your business and requirements we can tweak our support to give you the best coverage.

  • We have the ideas
  • We have the developers
  • We need business buy in
  • We want to learn
Strategy & Ideas
Coding Tests
Analytics & Reporting
Training / Educating Internal Teams

Do we already need a tool?

In short. No. Some companies have testing tools already in place whereas others are just starting out. Either doesn’t matter and we can work with your existing set up or utilise free tools in the market to get you up and running. If you are wanting to get buy-in for budget for a tool we can also help with use cases to prove benefit before you commit.

Example work

Data & Analytics

We take a deep dive through any stats or replay tools you have to understand your customers better and why they are visiting your website. This helps build a strategy of which areas can be optimised quicker and for the most benefit.

Conversion Funnel

The biggest improvements can often be found at the business end of your website so we focus on core pages with higher volume to run AB tests on.

Business Buy-In

If you are a reasonable sized company chances are there is some business blockers from releasing bigger tests in the key areas. We can assist in gaining confidence with these key stakeholders and show performance improvements in booking engines and more complex areas of the website.

1st Party Data

Most companies don’t harness their first party data to personalise and AB test their website. Data such as active booker and product interest make a big different to what you should be displaying to your customer. We can do this using a data layer or directly into your AB testing tool.



Our Services

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Test out new features and designs in your user journey by running AB and multi-variate tests to improve your key metrics without the guess work.

Tools used


Web Design & Development

A brand new website, a refresh or to target a certain part of your website? Use our design and development services to build a high fidelity prototype where you’re involved every step of the way before building your finalised website.

Tools used


Analytics & Tagging

Whether it’s getting the basic reporting set up, migrating over from Google Analytics to GA4 or upgrading your platform to record and harness more complex data. Maestro Digital has the expertise to meet your needs.

Tools used


App Design & Development

Get in front of your customers with an Apple or Android app built in one code base (Flutter) so your don't have to make multiple changes for each operating system.

Tools used


User Testing

Customer feedback & user testing on your product is one of the most important tools you can have to successfully develop your platforms and products. It doesn’t have to cost the world to get high quality feedback.

Tools used


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We cover all of the big digital hitters, but the nature of our business means that you might not see something on the list you like but feel free to get in touch and we’ll be able to put together a bespoke plan.

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