Maestro Digital is an agency/platform for companies to utilise in-house & freelancer experts to improve their company’s digital performance.

The scope of digital has grown drastically over the last decade with customers now expecting companies to have real-estate across the board. For small to medium companies that means that to do a good job in all channels they need to be an expert in everything. Good design, social guru, web development, email, SEO, video content creator and an analyst to make sense of all the above. That’s the start of a full in-house team.

That’s where Maestro Digital comes in. Instead of hiring employees for each channel (which not everyone has the budget for) companies can flex their support by hiring experts for specific projects or purchase hours to support for ad hoc roles which you need an expert for.

Sounds a lot like a standard agency? Yes, it does but with some added benefits:

  • You don’t pay for the several levels of hierarchy, the account manager/director etc. You deal with the expert and that reduces the amount you need to pay.
  • You can flex your support as and when you need it. A big project? We’ll scale up a team. Things a bit quiet? You’re not committed to any contract.
  • Build a relationship. Covid has forced agencies to reshuffle with increased churn within the company and accounts. By using Maestro you will build a relationship with a group of experts who won’t be moved to different accounts.
  • You don’t need several agencies for design, SEO, paid search…all trying to work together in harmony. Just tell us your project or requirements and we’ll manage the rest.
  • Pay for hours from an expert or build out a whole project. We’re flexible.
  • One unique code for your project. No need to chase, all the information in one place and no username/password to remember. You’ve already got enough platforms to worry about.

So how does it work?

It’s simple to start with. Contact us giving a brief outline of what you’re looking for and we’ll get back in touch to have an informal chat about your requirements and how we can help. If you like the way things sound, we’ll put a proposal together with timelines and costings for you to accept.

We’ll introduce you to your team. Depending on your project that could be 1, 2, 3, however many you need to fit the requirements. Tracked in one portal to keep you updated along the way.

In a world where your customers expect a highly personalised experience, we’re no different. Every project will be different based on our customer’s requirements. Whether it’s to improve knowledge in your team, consult in an area you have less knowledge or to deliver a large-scale project.

How it works

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Get in touch

Let us know your rough requirements of what you're interested in and we'll get in touch to discuss your project.


Proposing your project

Whether it's for consultation, training, one off support or a full-scale project we'll propose timings, resource and cost for your approval.


Plan into action

Once approved we'll start your project, keeping you up to date with progress from our platform and regular show and tell sessions.


Delivery of project

Based on the project we will deliver elements over phases as agreed or meet the delivery date for bigger projects.


Next steps

With a large scale project there will be a period of warranty to make sure you are happy with the delivery and for other support we will define next steps to explore for future projects.



Our Services

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Test out new features and designs in your user journey by running AB and multi-variate tests to improve your key metrics without the guess work.

Tools used


Web Design & Development

A brand new website, a refresh or to target a certain part of your website? Use our design and development services to build a high fidelity prototype where you’re involved every step of the way before building your finalised website.

Tools used


Analytics & Tagging

Whether it’s getting the basic reporting set up, migrating over from Google Analytics to GA4 or upgrading your platform to record and harness more complex data. Maestro Digital has the expertise to meet your needs.

Tools used


App Design & Development

Get in front of your customers with an Apple or Android app built in one code base (Flutter) so your don't have to make multiple changes for each operating system.

Tools used


User Testing

Customer feedback & user testing on your product is one of the most important tools you can have to successfully develop your platforms and products. It doesn’t have to cost the world to get high quality feedback.

Tools used


Want More?

We cover all of the big digital hitters, but the nature of our business means that you might not see something on the list you like but feel free to get in touch and we’ll be able to put together a bespoke plan.

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